Tour Route: Negombo – Digana – Galle – Airport

Duration: 7 Days | 6 Nights

Day 01
When you arrive in Negombo, you will be met kindly and whisked away to Villa Hundira, an incredible setting surrounded by lush greenery. Use this time with your surroundings to calm down and settle down, soak in the tranquility, and carry yourself to relaxation.
Day 02
After making your way to Digana you will embark on a spiritual journey and be blessed by the Kandy Temple of the Tooth Relic to start your day. One of the most revered locations in the nation the temple symbolizes a deep religious and reverent moment. You can then spend the night at Rukgala Retreat in Digana. This location gives you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful world removed from the bustle of the big city and experience nature in all its raw beauty.
Day 03
Every day Rukgala Retreat offers morning and evening yoga classes so you can enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Experience a transformative and meaningful connection with nature by going on a guided tour to the Meditation Caves in Bambaragala. Here you can explore the ancient caves and go rock climbing.
Day 04
Take a yoga class in the morning then go paddle boarding at the lake. Unwind with a full-body massage from a massage therapist with local training. Join a yoga class in the evening to cap off the day. Spend the night at Rukgala Retreat.
Day 05 | 06
Bid farewell to Digana and head toward the historic town of Galle. Niyagama House a lovely boutique hotel surrounded by greenery is the perfect place to unwind and refuel after a stressful ride. While you observe the beauty of the location and prepare for your upcoming travels take it easy and relish the calm atmosphere where you are staying. Start your restorative and exercise yoga class at Niyagama House first thing the following morning. After that spend five minutes traveling within yourself to a place that is always serene and completes you using guided meditation and relaxation techniques to quiet your mind. Continue your day in Galle where you can take calming energizing yoga classes in the evening if you'd like.
Day 07
At the end of your journey, bid adieu to the charming Galle and take off from the airport with the precious memories of those soothing, self-reflective, and soul-nurturing moments spent amidst the beauty of Sri Lanka.
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