Tour Route: Colombo – Kandy – Mahiyanganaya – Gal Oya – Ella – Weligama

Duration: 8 Days | 7 Nights

Day 01
After arriving in Sri Lanka you'll land in Colombo the busiest city or vibe in the country. Take some time to settle in and learn about the city's workings even with its main street and how colonial buildings blend in well with the contemporary way of life.
Day 02
Proceed from Colombo to Kandy the cultural hub of this country. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the ancient Temple of the Tooth home to Buddha's tooth. Take a look at the captivating culture of the island. The traditional Kandyan dance with its colorful costumes and lively rhythms is the first thing to see.
Day 03
They must experience the customs and culture of traditional villages while visiting Sri Lanka such as the Pan villager's weaving and clay-making processes. Make sure to sate your hunger with the traditional rice and curry dish prepared in the village. Mahiyanganayas Village Day offers an excursion to the Asian Land of Rice. Although the hill you have to climb is unlike any other it is the first time they have ever seen a leopard since climbing this mountain. Climb up the rocky ledges to the top of Knuckles Mountain which provides a view of the Dumbara valley. Here you can engage in a wide variety of climbing activities.
Day 04
Arrive in Dambana Village where you can spend a full day on excursions learning about the ancient customs of the Veddah people. Walk into the jungle with the Veddhas explain to them their way of life and teach them their age-old hunting skills. Once you have explored the caves you will witness a Vanni and be astonished to learn that the Vedis have invited you to their home. The highlight of the event will be a memorable BBQ dinner roast with traditional Veddha dances providing the spectacular finale.
Day 05
Gal Oya
Make your way to Gal Oya National Park, a secret bird and wildlife refuge. Satisfy your hunger with a picnic in a gorgeous setting while admiring the park's natural beauty, and then embark on an adventure jeep excursion to see a range of animal species such as elephants, elks, and many wonderful birds.
Day 06
Gal Oya
As you travel follow the guidance of the village chief of Gal Oya a Vedda and venture onto a path that will take you deep into the heart of the forest. Knowing that the jungle was formerly a hunting area before changing into the thick forest it is today would be ideal. A different option is to take in folktales while listening to traditional hunting songs.
Day 07
Gal Oya
First thing in the morning, you can go on a boat safari at Gal Oya National Park, where plenty of animals, especially birds, as well as crocodiles can be seen. The evening brings an added element of culinary education as you join a fantastic cooking class held by a local establishment that invites you to a genuine local supper.
Day 08
Begin at Gal Oya, but soon depart and go south to Ella, a lovely hamlet surrounded by exquisite tea estates. In addition, you will be able to go on a morning adventure to the summit of Little Adams Peak. During your morning stroll, be sure to take in the 360-degree vista of Ravana Mountain and the Uva Southern Valley.
Day 09
Gather your bag filled with priceless memories as you depart Weligama having thoroughly immersed yourself in the local culture amid the company of animals and breathtaking scenery. After leaving Weligama your journey comes to an end but your memories don't end there. Your close relationship with the wild animals makes them fascinating as well as beautiful.
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