Tour Route: Colombo – Sigiriya – Kandy – Hatton – Galle

Duration: 11 Days | 10 Nights

Day 01 | 02
Day 01, 02 - Colombo Your journey officially starts when you first meet with our helpful representative. As you travel to your accommodation take in the breathtaking views of the city stopping occasionally to take in Colombo's beauty. When you wake up in this energetic city you can go shopping and explore Sri Lankan culture! Join an exciting nighttime bike tour around the city to make amazing memories after indulging in a restorative Ayurvedic treatment.
Day 03 | 04
After reaching Sigiriya, place your luggage in a safe place before you travel to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. It is the right opportunity to spend a good time with your partner, get captivated by the teddy newborns, and keep them as a life-lasting impression. If the weather is less obstinate on the second day of your journey, maybe you can use an exhilarating hot air balloon ride to create an unforgettable memory experience. Later, go into the earlier beauties of Minneriya National Park as you walk through the path of finding the various animal kinds that coexist with us.
Day 05 | 06
On day five, visit Sigiriya Rock, an ancie­nt wonder. From atop, admire the stunning vie­ws and historic murals. Next, stop at a spice garden on your way to Kandy. Enjoy a re­laxing head and shoulder massage the­re. In Kandy, attend an ethnic dance­ show. On day six, explore vibrant Kandy. Tour the re­vered Kandy Temple­. Stroll through scenic Peradeniya Garde­ns, ideal for couples. Shop for souvenirs like­ gems, silk, wood carvings, and batik items.
Day 07 | 08
You will first have a pleasant train excursion to Hatton with your partner. That's not all; once you arrive, check into your hotel and spend the evening dining beneath the stars, creating memories with your significant other. When the cold mountain mist welcomes you in the morning, take a walk through the green tea hills. Take a walk around the tea farms to enjoy the scenery. When you start your day with a warm cup of premium tea, it will be amazing!
Day 09 | 10
Day 09, 10 - Galle The Galle Dutch Fort, a Portuguese-built UNESCO World Heritage site that lays claim to being amongst the most historic edifices in Sri Lanka, is the first stop on the tour of Day 9. Also, you are going to sail the Madu River with evident beauty accompanying you, carving the memory of one remarkable day after that. Conclude your day with a relaxing evening in the tranquil setting of Galle. The very last hours of such an exciting day can be spent on the breathtaking beaches
Day 11
You will then leave and bid farewell to your vacation!
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