Tour Route: Negombo – Chillaw – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya – Bandarawela – Ella – Katharagama – Galle – Colombo

Duration: 7 Days | 6 Nights

Day 01
After arriving in Negombo, you begin your journey, one based on experience. For instance, it has a reputation for fishing and, in particular, for its lively fish market, as well as a clean beach with white sand. The faces of friendly local citizens and the serene scenes of the beach may soothe your tiredness and your mind and spirit as well.
Day 02
Negombo to Kandy Via Chilaw Popularly known as popular pilgrimage sites these two notable Hindu temples offer worship to Lord Shiva. Once you arrive in Kandy, spend the morning touring the city to learn about some old buildings and the history behind them. For example, it may be interesting to see the famous caves. To do this, we may stop to see the ancient cave art of Dambulla.
Day 03
Nuwara Eliya
Suppose you want to proceed on your spiritual trip at Nuwara Eliya, often referred to as Little England for its peaceful atmosphere and architecture which shows a resemblance to English style. There is a reflection of the Ramayana plot at these two absolutely divine places of the Hindu deities: Sri Baktha Hanuman Kovil and Seetha Amman Kovil.
Day 04
After leaving Nuwara Eliya, visit Bandarawela, a lovely hill hamlet surrounded by lush tea plantations and fog-covered mountains. Visit Gayathri Pedam, a serene Hindu shrine dedicated to Goddess Gayathri, and Divurumpola, which is claimed to be the location where Sita experienced the Agni Pariksha in Ramayana.
Day 05
Ella is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for adventure. This quaint little town is well-known for its breathtaking surroundings and gushing waterfalls. See the Ravana Falls which drop more than 80 meters in height. Don't miss the intriguing Ravana Caves either which are thought to be the demon king Ravana's hiding place from the Ramayana tale. After you've taken in all of the beauty proceed to Katharagama. Respected by Muslims Hindus and Buddhists alike this holy place is extremely important. It is a truly remarkable location.
Day 06
Pay a visit to the well-known Lord Murugan temple to feel the spiritual atmosphere of Kataragama. Explore the unusual coastal site of Ussangoda the place where Hanuman is said to have landed while looking for Sita. There's a special adventure waiting for you. Proceed to Seenigama Temple in Hikkaduwa and Sri Anjaneyar Temple in Colombo to finish the day's itinerary after seeing the historically significant Rumassala Temple in Galle.
Day 07
Bring back wonderful memories of religious sites, cultural landmarks, and breathtaking landscapes as you journey from Colombo. Departure from Colombo marks the end of a wonderful voyage, leaving you with a deep sense of peace and spiritual repair.
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